A Brief Introduction


As with any first meeting, I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Nelson, and this is my blog Brain Fossil. You might be asking yourself “What the hell kind of name is “Brain Fossil?” Honestly, even I initially thought it was weird. In a nutshell, I have a terrible memory. When I’m trying to remember something that’s really got my brain stuck, I call it “trying to dig up a brain fossil.” So basically brain fossils are thoughts, memories, or other things from today or yesterday or last year. At least one thing that happens today will ultimately become tomorrow’s brain fossil. So there you have it. 


So, what am I about? What do I like? What do I do?


I’m a big fan of old things. Typewriters, sewing machines, film cameras, groovy pottery. I write a daily “build up / calm down” on my typewriters.I love collecting them. Sewing machines are a different story. While I love collecting them, damn if I can use one for more than the occasional hem or pillow cover. I admire the design of old sewing machines. I appreciate the important place they once held in almost every household. I feel as though a lot of these things have stories, previous lives, and more life to come.

I hope you learn something about me that makes you want to come back and read more. Also, I hope to learn something about you through your blog, if you have one.